Episode 3

THE AGE OF AI: how automation is shaping the future of restaurant tech

Technical Foodies is a podcast that discusses QSR technology and hot topics in the food and beverage industry – presented by ACRELEC


Join host Delia Sargeant this month as she explores the world of AI and machine learning. In an insightful conversation with Thibaud Denolle, keen technologist and Director of Innovation and Marketing at ACRELEC Inc., they delve into the current state of AI and its exciting future in the food tech space. 

Get ready to discover how this cutting-edge technology is set to transform the way we dine out. 

Delia and Thibaud discuss AI’s current impact and where it’s headed, uncovering its capabilities for automation and personalization. They also tackle the ethical considerations and challenges restaurants face when innovating with AI. 

Don’t miss out on this insightful exploration of AI’s transformative power in the QSR industry.

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Technical Foodies: A QSR Technology Podcast
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Delia Sargeant is a marketing professional based in Chicago, currently working for ACRELEC as Global Brand Manager.